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About Tercelo
About Tercelo

As one of the largest material suppliers in China over the past two decades, WZ Group has been exploring the future step by step and successfully becoming one of the world's Fortune 500 companies. Adhering to the business philosophy of "no value, no sharing", WZ Group has expanded from rubber raw material supply to tire production after six years of mergers and acquisitions. In 2019, it set up Tercelo Tire Group Co LTD (TERCELO TIRE GROUP) to operate its rubber and tire segments. By 2022, the company has reached a production scale of 15 million sets of semi-steel passenger car tires, 5.5 million sets of all-steel truck tires and 50,000 sets of special tires. TERCELO TIRE GROUP owns "TERCELO", " TRANSMATE", "SUPERHAWK", "YINGBA", "THREE-A", "RAPID" and other well-known brands. At the same time, TERCELO TIRE GROUP has obtained 3C, DOT, EU certification, GCC certification in the Middle East and other certifications. The market covers 29 provinces in China with more than 300 distribution channels, and the tires exported to North America, Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East Africa, Oceania and other countries and regions.

Through the investigation of various market demands, in order to meet the needs of different end customers, TERCELO TIRE GROUP has cooperated with well-known universities, and established TERCELO TIRE GROUP R&D Center in cooperation with Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University and Jilin University. Through continuous investment every year and the participation of R&D personnel from all over the world, TERCELO TIRE GROUP has gradually formed its own unique design concept and technology accumulation, which has laid a solid foundation for becoming a world-famous tire manufacturer.

PCR production
TBR total production
All steel radial OTR production
Billion CNY
Annual Operating Revenue
Company History
Supply chain cooperation with Shandong Hawk factory
Ogreen project was started
Sign strategic cooperation agreement with Guangrao county government
Shandong New Hawk Tyre Co., Ltd, was established officially
Saint Tour Tyre Co., Ltd. was established officially
The project of supplying chain with Shengtai was started
Purchased Shengtai factory and established Tercelo rubber technology (Dongying) co.,Ltd and Tercelo Tire (Qingzhou) Co., Ltd.
Shandong Tercelo Research Institute
Shandong Navigator Tyre Co., Ltd renamed to Shandong Tercelo Tire Goup Co., Ltd
Tercelo Intemational Co.,Limited was established
Shandong Tercelo Tire Group Co.,Ltd renamed to Tercelo Tire Group Co.,Ltd
Organization Structure
New Hawk

Shandong New Hawk Tyre Co., Ltd. factory was founded in 1975, which has been purchased and managed by Zhejiang Material Industrial Group from 2019, the factory started its new journey and renamed Shandong New Hawk Tyre Co., Ltd. from then on, as one of the manufacture bases of the Tyre programs of Zhejiang Material Industrial Group.

Shandong New hawk Tyre Co., Ltd. produces premium quality of giant radial mining tyres, medium radial OTR tyre, radial truck& bus tyre, radial agricultural tyre, also radial industrial tyres. The annual capacity is over 5 million sets. We have 358 engineers made over 100 patterns by our R&D team. Today it is among the major tyre manufacturers in China after over 25 years International cooperation and shared technologies.

Saint Tour Tyre

Saint Tour Tyre co., Ltd belongs to the rubber plate of Wuchan Zhongda Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd, initially Shandong O'GREEN Group, which is established in July, 2006, Located in Guangrao county, Dongying City, Shandong Province, covering an area of 500 acres. Saint Tour Tyre Co., Ltd has more than 1000 emplyees, about 200 technicals of them.  Our production capacity reaches to 1.8 million pieces per year. 

We get the necessary certifications  such as: IS0/TS16949:2009, ISO9001:2008,CCC,DOT,ECE. Since Saint Tour Tyre Co., Ltd started operation,we focus on formula design, structurer design, raw material, production process standard and after sales service. The quality and cost performance of our production get more and more improvment, There is good reputation from the market. 

Our company establised more than 100 sale spots cover more than 30 provinces. our production is sold to not only domestic market but also oversale market such as Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and Latin America. Customers give their trust and good feedback about our quality and after sales service. 

Tercelo( Qingzhou)

Tercelo Tire (Qingzhou) Co., Ltd. is located in Qingzhou Economic Development Zone, Shandong Province, covering an area of more than 700 acres. Tercelo Tire Co., Ltd, the controlling shareholder of the company, is a first-level subsidiary of Wuchan Zhongda Chemical Group, which is affiliated to the world's Top 500 and a super-large state-owned holding enterprise in Zhejiang Province - Wuchan Zhongda Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 600704.SH).
As a passenger car tire manufacturing base under Wuchan Zhongda Chemical Group, the company focuses on R&D, production, and sales of high-quality tire products and rubber products, and provides high-quality supply chain integration services and committed to national tire brand building.
At present, the company manufactures of nearly 12 million passenger car tires per year.
It has brands such as "TRANSMATE", "THREE-A", "RAPID", “AOTELI” and so on. Our products have passed the US DOT certification, European ECE certification, EU REACH, Brazil INMETRO certification, national compulsory product certification (3C certification), ISO TS16949, GCC certification, India BIS, SNI certification and other certifications. With outstanding performance and excellent quality, the company's products are exported to Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and the Americas, and have been widely favored customers from all over the world. The company will also further expand the domestic market and enhance the brand awareness in the domestic market.
Tercelo Tire (Qingzhou) Co., Ltd. adheres to the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, and has established the core cultural philosophy of "entrepreneur-oriented, pursuing truth, goodness and beauty"It insists on the priority of quality, make every tire with ingenuity, and continue to contribute value to the society with a high sense of social responsibility and national self-confidence.

Tercelo( Dongying)

Tercelo Rubber Techonical (Doingying) Co., Ltd belongs to the rubber plate of Wuchan Zhongda Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd, located in the tyre town of China-Xishui Industrial zone ,Dongying City, Shandong Province, with production capacity 3 million pieces TBR, 6 million pieces PCR. Our factory has, national-level lab, provincial level R&D center. We have brands: "TRANSMATE" "THREE A""RAPID""AOTELI" and "YATONE". Our production get through the certifications DOT, ECE, INMETRO,CCC REACH, GCC, BIS, SNI etc is welcomed by the customers.

Company Philosophy
Goods to the world,benefit the world
To bulid a leader in the integrated development of rubber tyre supply chain and industrial chain
Core Values
and pursuit the unity of truth, goodness
and inherent beauty
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