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Gathering potential for the future, leading a new journey

Gathering potential for the future, leading a new journey -

Material Industry Chemical Group Tyre Partner Conference was hold successfully.


On December 8, the 2021 Material Industry Chemical Group Tyre Partner Conference with the theme of “Gathering Potential and Seeking a New Journey” was held in Hangzhou. Zhang Biao, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Material and Industry Chemical Group, Chen Haibin, Deputy Secretary, Vice Chairman and General Manager of the Party Committee, and Li Jinming, Deputy Mayor of Guangrao Municipal Government of Shandong Province, relevant leaders of Sheng Tai Group, New Hawk, Saint Tour and tyres partner from all over the country, a total of more than 600 partners gathered together to share the harvest and results of 2020, and look a new journey in 2021 ahead with a brand new configuration and vision.


Astonishingly development in 2020

Reform and innovation for steady progress


Chairman Zhang Biao summarized and reviewed the achievements made by Wuchan Chemical's rubber tyre sector in 2020. Zhang pointed out that in the face of the sudden new COVID-19 pandemic and the complex and    volatile international situation, the rubber tyre segment of the product and chemical industry has bravely marched forward, made breakthroughs in innovation, and has grown astonishingly in important indicators such as industrial layout, sales revenue, and product sales, showing strong momentum of development. He indicated that these achievements are the result of the joint efforts of all partners. Zhang hopes that Wuchan will continue to work together with the partners in improving the quality of products and brands, producing and selling more marketable products and highly profitable products, standardizing the market and group operations, and achieving a win-win situation in 2021.


General Manager Chen Haibin had a welcome speech and pointed out that in the past three years, Material Industry Chemical Group has become a leader in the integration of the tyre industry by the performance of strength. The courage to support the company's stride forward comes from the background and support of Wuchan Zhongda group, and it comes from the ability and experience by long-term deep cultivation in this industry, and it comes from having an excellent management team, and from the trust and support of partners. He indicated that Wuchan Chemical will make every effort to build a multilateral service platform for the tyre industry, hoping to work with all tyre partners to create a new ecosystem of the tyre industry featured with resource sharing, complementary advantages, and smart interconnection.


Song Shiliang, Chairman of Shengtai Group Co., Ltd. reviewed the strategic cooperation with Wuchan Chemical and its future goals in his speech. He said that the company will continue to be market-oriented, customer-centric, pioneering and innovating, enriching and improving the product line, and providing sustainable and competitive products to achieve win-win with customers.



Xiong Fei, Business Director of Materials and Chemicals, General Manager of Rubber Department, and General Manager of Shandong Linghang Tyre Co., Ltd. indicated that the company will explore the application and practice of industrial Internet information service platform with suppliers, distributors, technical service providers and universities to promote the company's development in the rubber-tyre vertical industrial chain in 2021; continue to temper product quality and enrich product categories; drive innovation to improve the efficiency of all-factor production, and transform from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing. Mr. Xiong pointed out that next year will be the year for the company to explore the path of brand creation. The company will gradually improve the backstage support system, carrying out a full range of brand planning and overall brand image design, and hope that the company will focus on customers and entrepreneurs and hope the core values, the pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty, will be embedded in the brand to accumulate a profound brand heritage.


At the conference, the supplier representatives, Executive Deputy General Manager of Jiangxi Black Cat Carbon Black Co., Ltd. Zhou Zhining and Product Development Director Jiang Shaojie of Bekaert (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd., took the stage to give speeches respectively, introducing the company's cooperation with Wuchan Chemical and its future cooperation Goal, look forward to writing a new chapter of cooperation and achieve win-win.


Like-minded striver

Concentrate on development, Exploration and innovation


At the meeting, the company awarded the annual "Excellent Development Award", "Excellent Growth Award", "Outstanding Contribution Award", "Best Strategic Cooperation Award" and "Tyre Sales Honorary Marketing Consultant" to the outstanding distributors.





On the afternoon of the 8th, the conference also held two special partner conferences of New Hawk & Saint Tour and Shengtai at the same time, focusing on New Hawk & Saint Tour and ShengTai and ShengTai Group's overall product planning and sales planning in 2021, and all guests jointly plan the business strategy for 2021.News2_13.jpg



Highlights of the conference


The forge ahead of Material Industry Chemical Group in 2020 is inseparable from the hand in hand of every partner. With the gradual improvement of market trends, we look forward to continuing to work together with all partners to reform, open new ground, and move forward toward new goals!



Gathering potential for the future, leading a new journey

The horn of victory in 2020 is about to sound,

In 2021, we have a heavy responsibility on our shoulders and we will be Indomitable.

Material Industry Chemical Group will join hands with all tyre partners,

Innovate the brilliance and achieve great dreams!

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