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Never forget why we started, rolling forward to the new mission!

On July 1, 2022, on the occasion of the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Shandong Tercelo Tire Group Co., Ltd. offered a special gift to the Party for its birthday, the first Tercelo TBR tire was successfully produced in the Group's factory--Shandong New Hawk Tyre Co., Ltd..


Ma Zhijiang, Executive Vice President of Tercelo Tire Group, Hou Chunkun, Director of Marketing Department of the Group, Song Jianzhong, Director of Domestic TBR Sales Department, Shi Xiaolu, Deputy Director of R&D Department of Shandong New Hawk Tyre Co., Ltd., Liu Wenqing, Director of Production Department of Shandong New Hawk Tyre Co., Ltd., Ding Ling, Director of Quality Control Department of Shandong New Hawk Tyre Co., Ltd. and all staff representatives from the sales and production worker attended and witnessed the ceremony of the first Tercelo TBR tire.

Speech by Ma Zhijiang, Executive Vice President of Tercelo Tire Group Co., Ltd.


The Tercelo is a premium brand created by Tercelo Tire Group Co., Ltd. for the market, which covering truck and passenger car tires. In his speech, Mr. Ma said, "Today, while celebrating the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, we are witnessing an important moment in the history of Tercelo Tire Group - the introduction of the first TBR tire of the Tercelo brand. The Tercelo is a high-end brand built by the Group, aimed at satisfying consumers' needs for quality, diversity, and personalization through high performance, high quality, and high value-added tire products. Since December 2018, when the 'multi-dimensional nano-carbon′ Tercelo tire was included in the Group's key projects, we have been working together and persevering. We finally ushered in this exciting moment. In the future, we will continue to innovate and develop in the direction of green, intelligent, and high-end. To become the Tercelo brand into a premium tire brand in China while practicing the national ‘carbon dioxide emission and carbon neutrality′ goal and helping the green and high-quality development strategy. "


Address by Shi Xiaolu, Deputy director of R&D Department of Shandong New Hawk Tyre Co., Ltd.


The first Tercelo TBR tire is the TLS06 production, long-distance wear series. It adopts the original multi-dimensional nano-carbon technology of Tercelo Tire Research Institute, which has the characteristics of "safety, fuel saving, wear resistance, low heat generation and anti-deflection".


Shi Xiaolu, vice minister of R&D department of Shandong New Hawk Tyre Co., Ltd., said in his speech, “'Multi-dimensional nano carbon′ series tires are jointly developed by Tercelo Tire Research Institute and Qingdao University of Science and Technology, using 'nano carbon fiber′ rubber composite plus infinite surround technology with bundle belt steel wire. It is a high-performance tire with the advantages of high safety, low fuel consumption, and high wear resistance, as well as product performance reaching the international lead level. "


Address by Song Jianzhong, Head of Domestic TBR Sales Department

Beside the TLS06 product, Tercelo Tire will launch in the TBR field e.g.: TLA07, TRA08, TLD09, TLD10, and other series of products match the needs of consumers tire consumption in different scenarios. Song Jianzhong said, "In the second half of 2022, Tercelo Tire TBR sales team will bring the Tercelo brand tires to more truck drivers. Let truck drivers experience the high quality 'safe, wear-resistant, low fuel consumption′ multi-dimensional nano-carbon tires and further reduce the operating costs of truckers. At the same time, it contributes to the national goal of  “carbon dioxide emission and carbon neutrality”.


The leaders attending this event jointly unveiled the first Tercelo brand TBR tire and took a photo together


Never forget why you started, rolling Forward to the new mission!


In the future, Tercelo Tire Group Co., Ltd. will take the market as the orientation, continue to use technological innovation to strengthen the core competitiveness of the enterprise, keep providing consumers with more personalized and high-quality tire products and services, and advance towards the group's "double 10 billion" goal.


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